About the MS230

Why make a new high performance head when there already are so many to choose from?

We have tried to take the best qualities from different heads and make one head with those qualities and even improved them.

No. 1 Cooling is very important in a high output, streetdriven type 1 engine. The MS 230 head has nine machined fins which means 50% more cooling area than the SFand CE heads and 15% more than the 044 head.

No 2 Portshape and size are very efficient ie. the intake port flows 240 cfm @16 mm (0,629") 25" H2O straight from the casting without porting. The exhaust port flows at the same lift and depression 180 cfm. The SF,CE style intake manifold fits straight on. Tests are made on a SF 600 flowbench.

No 3 We have made a new rocker arm shaft with five studs instead of two as the original has. This shaft will give you the possibility to run more lift, spring and rpm which is the same as more power with relayability. The two main rockerstuds are still in the same position wich means that the original style rockerarms like Pauter,GB,CB etc will still fit.

The head is primerily designed for streetuse but can of course be used for all out dragracing too.

Boresize 94.0 mm
Valvesize 48*37,5 mm

Powernumbers and price will follow.